Windows 10 Pro for Workstation



Microsoft has developed Windows 10 Pro for workstations for users who have a high demand for maximum performance at work. The standard version of Windows 10 Pro is currently limited to support 2 TB of RAM and two processors simultaneously. By downloading Windows 10 Pro for a workstation, you can support up to 6 TB RAM and 4 processors simultaneously. Thanks to this, the workstation performance increases significantly when using programs that require large memory and processor capacities (image editing and video editing, CAD, simulations, 3D rendering). However, the minimum system requirements remain the same, which is why Windows 10 Pro for a workstation does not require any additional resources to run smoothly.
In addition, this operating system is the first Microsoft program that supports the ReFS file system. Compared to the NTFS file system, file security is much greater. ReFS automatically corrects errors that occur in the hard disk RAID array by rewriting files from bad sectors of the healthy disk to other disks. In addition, Microsoft thanks to this type of file system security offers security compatible with applications in the cloud, and therefore meets commercial requirements. ReFS also offers better protection against possible data defects that may occur during continuous operation of the disk array. Therefore, this version of Windows 10 Pro is the safest solution for both companies and independent users.

By integrating SMB Direct, the Windows 10 Prod workstation system key speeds up file exchange between two or more devices. This operating system provides benefits in three areas. Data throughput increases when two devices communicating with each other have this new operating system installed. Much lower latency also provides a way of handling network drives as if they were physically available on the device. Finally, the use of SMB Direct protocol significantly reduces the load on the processor. Even with very many queries from various sources and in a short time, processor performance will not decrease significantly and it will be fully available for work.

Downloading Windows 10 Pro for a workstation also entitles all users to use NVDIMM memory. This reduces delays when using all drives. NVDIMM memory is working memory that is not short-lived and is available again the next time you use the system. Also, after the system is completely turned off, work can be resumed immediately after the next boot, without having to load all programs and data from much slower hard drives. In this way, the Windows 10 Pro workstation key improves energy efficiency because systems can be shut down completely without wasting time or productivity.


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